BNP | About

Who We Are

BNP is a Dutch-based design collaboration of architects, urbanists, landscape professionals, interior and product designers. BNP design partners include BEtween Architects, GroupA, Van Veen Architecten, Atelier Van Wengerden, and Kolenik Eco Chic Design. Having its focus set on international stage, especially the Chinese market, BNP design partners are currently involved in a large number of projects throughout major Western European countries, the United States, Russia, Australia, etc,. Based on a highly collaborative approach engaging experts from different fields, BNP provides creative design solutions to our clients in both global and regional contexts. We believe that the integration of multi-discipline professions, sustainability, and advanced building technology knowledge, is leading us towards a better understanding of contemporary challenges, delivering comprehensive and innovative works.

Work and Specialty

BNP’s built projects range from dwelling projects, educational institutions, to landmark public buildings. Our specialty lies in commercial complex, medical and nursing home care, and renovation design.

Award-winning projects include BP Rotterdam Refinery (BP Winner of the Public Award, Rotterdam Architectuurprijs 2011 and nominated for the Daylight Award 2012. Publication in Jaarboek Architectuur In Nederland 2011/12), Rotterdam Central Plaza (Duurzame Architectuur Award 2012), The CaballeroFabriek(Jury Award, Audience Award of the Nieuwe Stad Prijs of The Hague 2006 and nominated for the Daylight Award 2010, in the category ‘commercial and industrial buildings’.)



BNP is led by 8 partners – Adam Visser, Evlien van Veen, Folkert van Hagen, Lizhe Duan, Han Feng, Jacco van Wengerden, Maarten van Bremen, and Robert Kolenik. The multicultural background of our team provides a unique design perspective in our projects.  Our constant goal throughout our design is to maintain the regional identity, while cooperating with the globalization trend.