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CR Elderly Housing Beijing

Sense of Safety
The need for security is the original instinct of human beings and especially important for the disadvantaged groups of the elderly. The design should fully consider about the inconvenience of the elderly community, the protections for the elderly in case of emergencies mentally and physically.
1. Safe and easy to understand spatial layout; 2. Ample accessibility for emergency services; 3. Interior design aimed to optimal social interaction and control.
Sense of Good Living
Based on the living habits and physical characteristics of the elderly, study the sensory characteristics of the elderly group and create a livable environment for this special group.
1. Amount of (sun)light and temperature tailored to elderly residents needs; 2. Ample fresh air and indoor planting, and peaceful atmosphere(acoustics); 3. Interior design aimed at optimal stimulation and motivation of residents and staff.
Sense of Intimacy
The humanized design allows the elderly living area to be a sweet home. Architectures as a media create a gentle, comfortable and intimate material and spiritual environment for the elderly.
1. Warm, natural and healthy materials; 2.Mainly soft colours(with an occasional bright accent for orientation); 3. Interior design aimed at optimal relationship to human scale.