Overall plan:

The project is based on the characteristics of Jingdezhen, driven by ecological restoration and upgrading with ceramic trading and logistics as the core. It is committed to building a world-class ceramics exhibition and trading centre. The 3D greening system of the area takes the mountain park as the anchor point and extends north to form the ecological landscape core. To the west, it connects with the greening of the mountain on the south side of Yingbin Avenue. To the south, we moderately expand the water area of bergamot lake and enhance the walking experience between the newly designed citizen square and the mountain park.

Ceramic Expo Center:

Plan 1: The Expo Center is designed as the world’s largest ceramic building, based on a ‘five-petal porcelain’ prototype. It contains four main exhibition halls and the world’s only aerial ceramic sculpture park. The ‘five-petal porcelain’ can be opened separately or combined. Diversified combinations effectively promote the operational flexibility of the Expo Center so that it can host diversified public activities at different times. The Expo Center is a participatory design project where local artists can participate in designing and producing interior and exterior ceramic surfaces. Together with the aerial ceramic sculpture park, they are the world-class expo centre that is genuinely rooted, grown and completed in Jingdezhen.

Plan 2: The shape is taken from the Jingde square bucket cup. The facade is derived from the banana leaf pattern in the Qinghua porcelain. The continuous banana leaves symbolize achievement. The light banana leaves extend from the facade to the roof, evolving into a pattern of ice crack porcelain, forming a soft and flexible fifth facade. The banana leaves a mark is transformed into an arcade at the landing, recreating the essence of the inheritance of lofty public buildings with novel design techniques.

Trading centre:

The total construction area of Jingdezhen trading centre is 340,000 square meters. By considering the needs of Jingdezhen’s porcelain craftsmanship, production, sales mode, and the introduction of e-commerce, the four conceptual elements of modernity, commerciality, ecology and culture are finally extracted as a source of inspiration and ideas for the design. At the operational level, the functional interaction between the trading centre and the south expo centre is fully considered to provide a valuable space for the Jingdezhen International Ceramics Exhibition.

LOCATION: Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China
CLIENT:The People’s Government of Jingdezhen Municipality
SIZE:46 ha
AREA:400,000 m²
TYPE: Urban And Architectural Design
STATUS: Concept Design