Tushino Triangle is located within the MKAD in the north-west of Moscow, well known for its abundant natural qualities and named after its triangular site. The triangle opens up towards the Moscow River creating great river views and a long green embankment parallel to the river. This new town for 15,000 inhabitants aims to be a self-sustainable town containing the three main human activities, Live, Work and Play, all within walking distance.
Tushino Triangle will be a milestone in the history of large-scale city development in Russia. It sets new standards for what a contemporary self-sustainable great town requires – alluring public space, user friendly and human-scaled neighborhoods, charming residential blocks, attractive business districts, inviting recreational facilities against a stunning natural backdrop.

LOCATION: Moscow, Russia
CLIENT:Vi Holding
SIZE:606,234 m2
TYPE: Masterplan, Landscape, Residential+River Park
COLLABORATORS: MASA architects, Ebben Tree Nursery