Amsterdam’s Fletcher Hotel is round, which created some intriguing challenges for the hotel interior design. However it was the restaurant design in this eye-catching building that proved to be Robert Kolenik’s breakthrough moment.

Playful solutions

The interior designer is known for his use of unique, honest, natural materials that also emanate luxury and minimalism. For Fletcher Hotels, this is the first time that an entirely new building has been constructed in Amsterdam. The hotel’s roundness meant that Kolenik was confronted with limited space which nevertheless needed to be fully filled. ‘At times, we struggled with the space, but we did manage to come up with playful solutions for the hotel design.’ Kolenik carried the architect’s vision through into the interior. ‘The building attracts a lot of attention. Everyone has an opinion about the blue building right beside the A2. I’ve also emphasised this element of surprise inside the hotel by working mainly with round shapes.’ However the blue shades used on the outside walls have not been carried through into the interior. ‘This is because I wanted the heart of the hotel to be warm, homely and timeless,’ Kolenikexplains.