Be suspended in a net high above the floor. Look a mummified cat in the eye. Ascend the pulpit with a loved one. Get close to history – if you dare.
A storied church
The Grote Kerk in Veere has had an eventful history. It has withstood fire and storm, it served as a military hospital in the Napoleonic Wars, and it was narrowly saved from demolition in the late 19th century. Following a full restoration, the church’s past has been brought back to life. Studio Louter and OPERA Amsterdam developed a visitor experience for this unique building.

Experiencing history
Visitors can discover six experiential installations scattered through the church where they’ll encounter episodes from its history in adventurous ways. Do they dare to look at a mummified cat? Are they brave enough to get married here, as the Scottish princess Mary Stuart did in the 15th century? Or to be suspended in a climbing net where they can hear tales of wounded soldiers who once lay here on a vanished floor? The six installations challenge visitors in every possible way.

“Really new things, with old pictures in a new form. Soooo much fun!!”

Ton Feldbrugge, visitor — 25 October 2020

LOCATION: Veere, the Netherland
CLIENT:Grote Kerk Veere
TYPE: Exhibition
COLLABORATORS: OPERA Amsterdam, Shosho, Mette Menting, KlevR Sounddesign, Fiction Factory, Walter van Peene