Ostrava is bidding to become the 2015 Cultural Capital of Europe. Every year the European Capital of Culture is designated to act as catalyst for the cultural development and the transformation of the chosen city. Within this frame Ostravas ambition is to upgrade their cultural centre on the so called Black Meadow site, an area between the old city centre and the Ostravice River. The focus of the competition was not merely on the buildings, but to create an identity for the area as a whole, while linking the city centre to the river.
We literally designed a black meadow in the form of a beautiful landscape park surrounded by a unifying ring of existing and new buildings such as a concert house, an exhibition hall, a centre for modern music and a school of arts management, providing space for all forms of culture, for both traditional and less formal programs.

LOCATION: Ostrava, Czech Republic
CLIENT:City of Ostrava
TYPE: Landscape