‘Create a casino design for our brand that fits with our distinctive DNA.’ This was the brief for the interior design for a well-known group of casinos.

The result is an inviting hospitality design where visitors can experience an unforgettable evening out. The starting point for the design is a combination of recognisable colours taken from the casino’s house style. These have subsequently been interpreted by interior designer Robert Kolenik’s natural, stylish eye.

The casino consists entirely of slot machines. The machines’ design and their flashing lights mean that a special solution is required to create tranquillity and unity. Wool carpets with woven patterns are the starting point for the design in all the casinos. Kolenik designed the bespoke carpets himself. The basic pattern is also carried through into Kolenik’s bar ideas, reception desk and ceiling elements. A conscious choice has been made to use wool, both due to its high quality, and because of safety considerations in the smoke & play zone.

The ceiling plays a leading role in creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Its huge surface area is used to ensure that the space is in balance with the rest of the interior. Seven different, organically shaped ceiling elements with both direct and indirect LED lighting are embedded into the ceiling like organic islands. The most striking element is the light sculpture which was specially designed for the casino in the shape of a shell. The shells used in this reappear in the finishing on the desk and as a raw natural product on the whole organically shaped rear wall.