Water plays a central role in our proposal for the Qingpu master plan, just as it has been central to previous generations of residents in the area. The existing water ecology and culture is used as a foundation for a series of new public spaces that will allow each member of the community to connect to water: doing business, walking or playing.
The “five waters of Qingpu” are designed to create specific atmospheres which form the basis of the cities identity and make it special and recognizable.
New business developments on the south side of the central avenue form small open spaces along a historic canal. Housing on the North side creates intimate spaces connected through a natural park along the main waterway, while cultural uses and retail spaces line the main waterway in the West. Marinas and docks along the eastern canal provide direct access for boats to the waterway system and finally the grand fountain on the central avenue is an expression and a symbol of the communities’ connection to water.

LOCATION: Qingpu, China