The goal of the project is to create a bright, comfortable, and vibrant healing landscape for the new International Medical Cluster (MMK) located at the Skolkovo Innovation Center in Moscow.
MMK is created to develop medical activities for the provision of medical care, improve its quality, promote the development of medicine, medical technologies and medical devices, develop educational activities and conduct scientific research in the field of health care, as well as to develop international cooperation in the specified field of activity.
The concept stage was developed in a consortium with ARTEZA, one of the most sophisticated landscape companies in Russia.
The main landscape concept is to create a chain of diverse healing spaces consists of a variety of themes such as “Communication”, “Vista”, “Art”, “Exercise”, “Taste”, “Sound”, “Tactile”, “Smell and other sources of sensations awaken emotions and mechanisms in a person that have a beneficial effect on his health and well-being.
All the gardens are interconnected by “The Rainbow” a spine of pedestrian + cycling network that runs across the entire territory of Skolkovo IC.

LOCATION: Moscow, Russia
CLIENT:Government of Moscow, The International Medical Cluster Foundation (MMK)
SIZE:52.85 ha
TYPE: Healing Landscape
Collaborators: ARTEZA, ATRIUM, MASA Architects