The first things that strike you when you walk into this loft in Brussels are its industrial feel and its seemingly endless space. Interior designer Robert Kolenik has created a stunning interplay of sleekly designed, dark elements in a raw environment, generating a warm synergy in a modern interior.

“The key to the interior design for larger homes like this loft in Brussels is to use space effectively. Most standard pieces of furniture are too small and therefore get lost in this kind of environment’, Robert Kolenik explains. ‘To get the whole thing into balance and at the same time to preserve the raw character of the home, I use robust materials that chime with the industrial environment.’

In this cool, modern complex, only the Bulthaup kitchen has been retained. Opposite this, Kolenik has placed a large Minotti corner sofa – a superb piece of modern furniture. The table has a leg fashioned from a tree trunk and features a custom-made blue steel tabletop. Playful Gregg hanging lamps by Foscarini are used to break up the apartment’s hard lines.

All the radiators in the loft in Brussels have been concealed behind elegant windowsills.

For the bathroom, Kolenik has designed a solid wood medicine cabinet. ‘This is a new object for me, and it fits perfectly into this environment because it is both decorative and functional’, the interior designer explains.