This brand new villa in Antwerp is a recent example of an Eco Chic design. Interior designer Robert Kolenik’s work enhances the architect’s original style and the natural materials used immediately create a restful mood.

Leather and wood are materials that make you feel at home right away. The visually imposing staircase – a true eye-catcher in this brand new villa – is one of the places where wood is used. Robert Kolenik explains: ‘The decision to give a historic look to the staircase was twofold. Firstly, the stairs design is exactly what the client had dreamt of. Secondly, the staircase creates a theatrical entrance to the villa and glides into the living room like a luxurious red carpet.’ The rock crystal bar looks as though it’s been hewn straight from nature and set into the interior. Moreover, its fairy-tale lighting lends it a sophisticated appearance.’


Kolenik showed no hesitation when coming up with the kitchen design. Thanks to his extensive restaurant experience, the cooking zone is impeccably equipped. The kitchen always looks tidy, thanks to the generous storage space offered by the numerous stained walnut cabinets. Keen cooks will find everything their hearts desire, as every possible piece of equipment is included in this bespoke kitchen. The latest Miele range, an ice-crusher and a wine cabinet offer the ultimate in hospitality. The villa also has an extra home bar in the basement. This means that it can be divided up into two separate areas. Firstly, there is a private area for the family. Secondly, there’s an area for entertaining family and friends with an atmosphere reminiscent of your favourite restaurant’s bar.