There is a galaxy of high density residential developments along MKAD (Moscow ring highway). Besides being located adjacent to the metropolitan highway ring, these developments are often accompanied with vast nature areas. However most of these residential developments do not optimize the opportunity to be next to the nature area, and lack the creation of a high quality (thus sustainable) neighborhood.

Our goals for this project are;
1. Building prototypes for the residential block that fulfill both demands for high residential density and human-scaled intimate neighborhood.
2. A variety of living conditions for a wide range of consumer target group, as well for generating sustainable communities.
3. High quality public space that raises the quality of the living condition, also being the anchor point for the community and establishment of the ?brand? in the market.
4. Outstanding office buildings at the prime location along the MKAD that becomes the ?face? of the project.

LOCATION: Moscow, Russia
CLIENT:Samolet Real Estate
SIZE:910,000 m2
TYPE: Masterplan, Residential+Office+Retail+School