BNP | Shenzhen Bay Street Competition
Shenzhen Bay Street Competition

Overall positioning
According to the overall positioning of the world-class Gulf City, which is a super-public product in the central area of Houhai, providing a place for humanities to live and interact with each other, combined with the excellent corporate headquarters and public facilities resources around the site. We set the overall positioning of the case as: a combination of citizenship, publicity, and iconism, leading the interaction of the city, highlighting the wisdom of Shenzhen, and the world-class super-city public products coexisting with Houhai Central City.
World class and Shenzhen spirit
Excellent world-class public goods must have clear local spiritual qualities. With the impression of Shenzhen’s latest urban development as the fulcrum, we use the spirit of “exploiting innovation, pragmatic and efficient” as a guide to create a super city landmark originating from Shenzhen and shouldering the world.