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Turin Sport Citadel


The BELT isn’t an alien grafted onto Mappano, on the contrary, it carefully expands existing local context, by introducing a daring yet meaningful urban structure and providing a generous public heart for Mappano.

Given the excellent sports facilities in Torino, the BELT differentiates itself by the richness of sports activities, full year event programs, various culture/catering facilities and sports themed housing community. It welcomes visitors from all ages, being family or individual, professional or amateur, so as to identify itself as the recreation satellite for Tornio.

Rooted in the long cherished sports tradition of North Italy, the BELT encourages next generation of sport excises, such as, VR/AR sports experience, Esports (gaming) and fun sports (TV shows). Altogether, the BELT aims to cast a brand new international sports name card for north Italy towards the 21st century.